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“No soporto los típicos trajes de baño que te tapan de arriba abajo y te hacen sentir más insegura. En estos bikinis he vuelto a encontrar el diseño que solía llevar antes de la mastectomía. Me los pongo y me siento femenina como antes."

María Benítez


“Lo que más me ha gustado ha sido el poder volver a agacharme y bañarme en la playa sin preocuparme para nada de si la prótesis se notaba o se salía. Elegí el top porque me da más seguridad."

Rosario Olmos


How to create a bag to carry mastectomy drain

How to create a bag to carry mastectomy drain


From all the inventions I’ve created from my mastectomy operation, this is the most useful one, since I have not found anything like that in any specialized shop. This is a bag to carry the drain in a quite comfortable way.
It's very simple to do, you can use any fabric that you like. At the video I recommend the approximate measurement, but then you’ll have to adapt it to feel comfortable.
I do normally use fabric in beige or black, because they are usually the most wearable colors, and also go unnoticed when walking down the street.
It is a garment that you will wear during various processes in both the mastectomy and reconstruction. I used to wear it under a jacket. In the evenings it's as easy as leaving it on the floor where you sleep, I recommend making the long handle to have freedom of movement.

You can watch the video below. Please do not hesitate to ask me any question regarding this drain.


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      Jun 22, 2016

      Muchas gracias por tus consejos, Que buena idea y poder hacerlo en casa.. Con telas chulas y estampadas pienso hacerme varios y no solo para los drenajes.!!!! Un saludos y suerte en este proyecto .

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      Jul 12, 2020


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      Jul 24, 2020

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      Jul 27, 2020

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