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“No soporto los típicos trajes de baño que te tapan de arriba abajo y te hacen sentir más insegura. En estos bikinis he vuelto a encontrar el diseño que solía llevar antes de la mastectomía. Me los pongo y me siento femenina como antes."

María Benítez


“Lo que más me ha gustado ha sido el poder volver a agacharme y bañarme en la playa sin preocuparme para nada de si la prótesis se notaba o se salía. Elegí el top porque me da más seguridad."

Rosario Olmos


Lasseda Blog

Lasseda Blog


I am Teresa Mas, designer and creator of If you are reading this blog you may have suffer breast cancer or probably you know someone who did. The aim of this blog is to bring all my experience during breast cancer and mastectomy so you never feel alone.

As a project, was born the first summer after my mastectomy. I tried to find a bikini like the ones I used to wear before. However, it was impossible. So I said to myself “let’s do it!”, and now Lasseda has became my biggest passion.
My posts will talk about advices that helped me out to go forward with joy and encouragement, I hope to bring you a little piece of me.
You can write to ask me anything or if you just need to express yourself and talk to someone.

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