3 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and despite of the fact that I looked for mastectomy swimsuits at many specialized shops, I never found anything that makes me feel excited about going to the beach or swimming pool as I used to be. LASSEDA was born from my need to feel confident and comfortable as before surgery.


LASSEDA bikinis and swimsuits has been designed for women with mastectomy looking for design and comfort of bikinis and swimsuits that used to wear before the surgery. The underwear and swimsuits industry has made much progress in the last years in what refers to prosthetic clothing. However, they never think that women with mastectomies do not only seek a clothing that fits their situation, but clothing that make them feel condifent and beautiful as they did before undergoing the operation . This is why our bikinis for mastectomy incorporate different elements so you can feel comfortable. The inner pocket let you wear the prosthesis in just a few seconds, the sides are high to protect the lack of chest and the back metal closure will give you all the security you need to not feel the weight of the prosthesis.


Since LASSEDA was released, each decision has been made taking into account women with mastectomy. Find a bikini or swimsuit for breast implants can become really difficult for us. LASSEDA brand has been thought of us. Lasseda means silk in English, what is a very nice and delicate cloth, like us. We must never give up feeling women.

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